Friday, January 29, 2010


Nedan är en högst slumpvis utvald skara bilder som härrör från diverse källor.

More to come.

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About Me

Born 1971. Parents from northern Finland and raised in northern Sweden. Worked hard to fall off the grid and am now enjoying my freedom as a spaced outsider artist living in my caravans at a undisclosed location. Worked as illustrator, animator, artdirector, and so forth since 1998 and burned out at it 1999. I love painting and doing neat stuff. Overtly interested in communication and interesting artprojects. I do comissions and freelance work. If you are a cool cat I may sell my skills to you. If you're uncool we wont get entangled please. The poorer you are the cheaper my work. Peace and Love /Harry (muliboy(at)

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Affischer är roligt. Text och bild som ska vara intressantast på elskåpet. Hallå titta på det här. Det här vill du gå på. Det här vill du vara en del av.